2018 ALP National Conference: Rebuild Australian Aid!

Labor's National Conference is happening in December 2018. This is the crucial moment when party members, unions and MPs come together to agree on the movement's plan for the next Labor government. 

Global equality is core Labor business. Everyone, regardless of where they were born, deserves a fair go. This means supporting people both at home and abroad.

The Coalition has done enormous damage by slashing the aid budget repeatedly, so Labor's role has never been more important than now. 

We also know that Labor party members working together can achieve incredible things at National Conference - just think of the Labor Environment Action Network's successful campaign for a 50% renewable energy target in 2015, or Rainbow Labor's win on marriage equality in 2011.

We can't afford to miss this critical moment. Show your support for Labor starting the job of rebuilding Australia's aid program. 

As Labor members, we call on Australian Labor to:

  • Commit to the principle that we should be moving towards 0.7% of our Gross National Income (GNI) on aid;
  • Increase aid as a percentage of GNI every year that we are in office starting with our first budget;
  • Make advancing the SDGs, including reducing global poverty, the core purpose of the aid program.

Who's signing

Adam Valvasori
Claire Pullen
Tony Milne
Emeline Gaske
Jocelyn Watts
Jack Whitney
Dean Rizzetti
Russell Griffiths
Clare Davidson
Joy Kyriacou
Rosemary Ryan
Adele McBride
Brad Chilcott
Michael Vaughan
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    Sign the petition: 2018 ALP National Conference: Rebuild Australian Aid!
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    Sign the petition: 2018 ALP National Conference: Rebuild Australian Aid!
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    Sign the petition: 2018 ALP National Conference: Rebuild Australian Aid! http://www.laborforaid.org.au/campaign?recruiter_id=6
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